TRONIC is the technology created and applied exclusively to each of our types of lenses. This technology not only filters the low-energy rays called UVA but also prevents the passage of ultraviolet radiation of any wavelength emitted by the sun. In nature we know that there are three types of ultraviolet light:


    identifies the lowest energy

  • UVB
    it is the high-energy rays that cause the most damage to the eyes

  • UVC
    it is the strongest form of solar radiation

Most optical lenses on the market block only some of these UVs. We are proud to have developed TRONIC, a technology that filters 100% of UVA, UVB and UVC rays. This protection is integrated during the production process which is constantly checked by highly qualified personnel. Not only does TRONIC offer an advantage in terms of protection, but, it offers a noticeable improvement in visual performance.

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